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Is Karma a hindrance to Realisation?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Q: To experience enlightenment, Karma is not a hindrance, in my view. Karmic bondage does not stand in its way; though I am not very sure about it. But; if that is right , what is it that which prevents one from experiencing sakshaathkara?

Krishnan Kartha: Your inference is very correct If Karma prevents attainment of Sakshaathkara ; then it can never be attained. Karma is the result of ones own decision. It happens as an outcome of a decision in some point of time in life. It is not some thing being dumped on us. It is the result of ones own action.

If proper effort is.put in to overcome the negative consequence of bad Karmas Sakshakara can be attained, Lack of effort acts as a hirdle here, Karmas may remain as such. But there are many ways to break the bondage from the negative effects and to be relieved from the consequences. The problem lies in not doing this and not in karmas. Many say that only favourable karmas lead to such an interest. Maybe true, But when we are put to trials and tribulations in life repeatedly we start thinking of a way to get redeemed from it.

How did Siddartha become a Buddha? The awareness of miseries in life made him go in the look out for a lasting redemption. In the same manner when man faces miseries he is prone to look for a way to redeem himself.

From all this, isn't it proper to say that Karmic consequences act as a cause for attainment of Sakshatkara. Is it not ? Yes.

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