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The Essence


               An astir moderator in spiritual discussions since 1989, Sri. Krishnan Kartha adduces vivid teachings, synthesizing hitherto contradicting impartations from different spiritual masters and religious doctrines including the Adwaitha (non-dualism) and Shoonyavaada  (emptiness).    

Origin of the universe

                   From Krishnan Kartha's replies to questions by others, it is learnt that the Consciousness which is pure, non compounded, origin of all forms of energy and matter, all emanations of existence, is the only that "is", and "continues to be" and beyond the comprehension. He maintains that though Consciousness is experienced by enlightened ones, it is beyond the intellectual comprehension since it is non existent in normal cosmic parameters of existence, and hence the comparative assessment is ruled out.


              The Consciousness dwindles into the existence of universe or series of universes. This contraction in the spirit is incongruously in contrast with the expansion in matter. He calls it the first contradiction which continues in each and every annexation in the universe. 

                    The Existence is with Awareness and Experience. It may be noted here that Consciousness  is the origin of these three and it is only in such a realm that the three attributes are in equilibrium.Since they are  in equilibrium, they are not distinctively identifiable or existent and it results in a qualitative emptiness.  


                Sri. Krishnan Kartha states that this qualitative emptiness of Consciousness has been identified as doctrine of emptiness. He further adds that the Brahma propagated by Adwaitha vedanthins, is inclusive of both the existent and the non existent. He illustrates many passages from ancient Indian texts to support his vision.


                    The Existence in manifest universe according to him, is functioning as two of its constituents , awareness ( arivu) and experience (anubhavam). The universe is totally occupied by these elements in different proportions. He compares Awareness with 'yang' and the experience with 'yin' principles of Chinese seers for their easy understanding. Though in unmanifest form, awareness and experience  are together with existence, in manifest universe their proportion differs.

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