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Krishnan Kartha, the person

Born in 1964 , Krishnan Kartha started career as a journalist in 1987 with bylined news stories in Busybee's "Afternoon Despatch&Courier" a Mumbai based tabloid, the "Commerce weekly" until its conversion into "Business&Political Observer" daily and INFA ,India's foremost feature syndicate,


Composed fusion music for the national network of Doordarshan in 1986 with his sitar. Directed his first Hindi feature film AMSHINI at the age of 23 starring Seema Biswas.


During the discussion about his dropped second film VAANAPRASTHAM (Recluse), in February 1988, he entered into a realm of wisdom which synthesised conflicting theories of Life. Since then he moderates discussions about issues concerned with wholesome life.

His way of imparting his wisdom is by replying questions related to varied topics, asked in sessions of discussions. He does not deliver lectures as a rule. 

Wherever he goes, enthusiasts gather for discussion and all the conversations are recorded for future use. His close friends and students are maintaining this website and the online channel which publishes the videos since COVID 19 lock-down. 


He has not found the spiritual guidance as a profession for livelihood since he earns his bread through his legal practices at High Court of Kerala mostly now on   intellectual property law. A post graduate in Commerce and Management, he  is an educationist who  started a school for providing free ICSE education to rural children in 2007.  


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