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An astir moderator in spiritual discussions since 1989, Sri. Krishnan Kartha adduces vivid teachings, synthesizing hitherto contradicting impartations from different spiritual masters and religious doctrines including the Adwaitha (non-dualism) and Shoonyavaada  (emptiness).    

Origin of the universe

                   From Krishnan Kartha's replies to questions by others, it is learnt that the Consciousness which is pure, non compounded, origin of all forms of energy and matter, all emanations of existence, is the only that "is", and "continues to be" and beyond the comprehension. He maintains that though Consciousness is experienced by enlightened ones..... read more →

Krishnan Kartha, the person

Born in 1964, Krishnan Kartha has had an extraordinary and multi-faceted career.


He started his career as a journalist in 1987 with bylined news stories in Busybee's "Afternoon Despatch & Courier" a Mumbai based tabloid, the "Commerce weekly" until its conversion into "Business & Political Observer" daily and INFA , India's foremost feature syndicate.


Composed fusion music for the national network of Doordarshan in 1986 with his sitar.

Directed his first Hindi feature film AMSHINI at the age of 23 starring Seema Biswas. read more →