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A Master is never morose

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Question: What the sage said about the child as an example it is a very fitting example. But I had mentioned on the point of awareness isn't it, that from a child's point of view, when seen he is not consciously passing through this. Incorporating consciousness as a part in our life is what we have been talking about in discussions. About that difference , it was asked. Now, even if meditation is not possible sitting in one place , even then , every thing that is every thing that is done, do it consciously at least practice that, in such a manner it has been spoken about. I did not understand that. It is a method of immersing completely in happiness. But in this child's case such a thing is not there. Then, can we equalize both of them , will it be possible?

Krishnan Kartha: That is, the state of enlightenment which is said to be there is one more thing called child's behaviour, it has to be paid attention. That is by reading the books of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, you will understand. Never ever, none of them lived as serious man. Then it is not the person that we see. In every deed of theirs, childlikeness will be seen. But at times , they will be serious. But in other times they will be completely, in joy ,in harmony with nature and pass through in bliss. As I mentioned earlier there is seriousness in times when seriousness is needed, at other times they do not show seriousness. Where it is necessary, it is enough to be serious. Then , it is never a sign of enlightenment to walk with a bitter-pulled up face , it is not so. Those who are not , cannot be called as enlightened. They will be all playing , childish, will be one with childishness. There is nothing to tighten so much. Others are having some illness , if you buy some medicine or tincture and treat it properly, you will probably get rid of that tightness. In fact one would feel more relaxed or loosened. Flexibility is what happens. Then such a rigidity will never be there. More freedom is experienced. Enlightenment is never sitting in a serious state. Never it is so, it is just the opposite. It is because of such a prejudice being kept we feel that the child's freedom , child's playfulness , a child experiencing happiness all that is against enlightenment Perhaps because of the seriousness , it is coming towards enlightenment. But no subject in the nature would be thought of being turned down by an enlightened one. No doubt. Therefore it should never be so assumed. If is is not clear, it can be asked . Not even one , he does not leave , it is so. *Questioner* Sir, meditation itself is like learning driving , you have said so. At the time of learning, we should learn only in ground , only after practicing we goto the road. Similarly , that's what meditation is in every moment of life. Then in comparison with what Sir said, until constant happiness is attained, seriousness is required, like it was said now,isn't that so? Then, where is the dearth of seriousness. *Krishnan Kartha* These 24 hours meditation with that purpose if it is meant to meditate the whole life, even when you are asleep and when you are awake , then it is never serious. What is it that makes us serious? What is the issue that makes us serious? Many a times , when things do not go according to our expectations, then we become serious. When what we think is not happening , when it is not heard, if when said is disobeyed, then we can be serious . Otherwise when anything happens rendering our calculations wrong, then seriousness happens. Is it not correct? Here, a while ago, a sound was heard, then here, sound as we say it, such a thing when happens, suddenly, the mind goes to that sound. This is natural. Such a seriousness will be there. Then the mind will say that this was a sound that should not be here. Then we decide that there are kids who make noise here. Never. Where big art shows, Kathakali, Drum beating, jumping, happens on stage , operator of the sound system will sleep comfortably next to it. Though they look like they are old, but that they have not shed their childishness and they are the ones who makes noise like this, if we have a preconception like this, will this happen. Sometimes we cannot sleep there. It is not a problem for him. Because it has become a habit. We simply can't sleep if someone plays a song. As for him, he opened those windows. But for him it is a habit. He got accomodated. That's a sound sleep ,infact it has been conditioned to fall asleep only when it is heard. (Laughing)He made that too inclusive. Then as I mentioned earlier, the anxiety or disappointment ,only if there is any appointment will there be disappointment. So for the one you intended to be engaged in eternal medication, he is not interested in making any kind of prejudices and misconceptions. So it all would seem like a child's play . He is a person who is ready to accept what is coming as it is. Why is it so, because it is a child. In the bank where you work, if a child comes and shows something absurd you will not feel like quarrelling. Before a Buddha , in the consciousness of the Buddha , anyone who has not attained enlightenment is a child. All the mental activities , mental offences, physical offences done by them are seen as childishness by them ( Buddhas) . Therefore, it is wrong to think that God is a punisher. Quran speaks of God's punishment in every place wherever it is mentioned even so , it has been added everywhere it is mentioned ,even so , it has been added everywhere that Allah is merciful and will forgive all. Why it is , because that's an ultimate possibility. Without it, man has nothing to look forward to. Otherwise what else can be done. It is not just about punishment only that is said, thag is the meaning. If asked why it is said so, even in the lives of Buddhas they never see anything as offense. Then only if there is such a faith before us, will it be possible to go in peace. They do not see it as an offense to punish. What was the cause and reason for them to commit the offence, where it came from and how it happened there, they ( Buddha) pay attention to all these things and they understand so they never blame it. That's another thing. Along with the society they would speak anything. But in their mind they can never find fault with someone. So we can never see that God as a punisher. Therefore it is in this state of being above it that one has to imagine God. Infact, demons do not come. When we argue with children , we say that demons will.come and take them away , don't we say . So that was not what I was saying. Likewise , to childish minds it is necessary to say that God will punish them. If not, human will not listen to what's said. All those mental activities are all enjoyed, that is it. In this way , rather than being in a state of forgiveness , the more all this is enjoyed , that is it. All those mental activities are seen like the games that children show and enjoyed it as it is and there is no need to have any sadness or seriousness in it. So do not misunderstand that seriousness as synonymous with the enlightenment as you intended

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