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Astral beings & thought

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Question : It has already been told that we have to keep our house and premises neat and clean. Also as told, there are gross and subtle meanings for that. We have understood the same concept in terms of Daivachinthanam by Sree Narayana Guru Devan. We have already discussed that there may be a presence of astral beings in the hair or something like that which are thrown away carelessly. I often experience a kind of positivity when I clean my room by removing such hairs and dirt. Is that because of the presence of these astral beings or due to a psychological impact of mind? The happiness which is thus experienced?

Krishnan Kartha:- May be mainly due to a psychological reason. Because we have such kind of thought. Those who don't have such an idea of cleaning won't be having any difficulty. Because there are two or three youngsters whom I know. Things are all laid scattered.... within the house and room. If we entrust them a table, then everything will be laid scattered there and it will be kept very untidy. They don't understand these things. They are never reaching to such a psychological level. Thus the psychological factor is important. Now the main thing in this cleaning is that the things which are in decaying state are not life centric. Not life positive. Those are things which are life negative. All these are destructive elements. Hence Sree Narayana Guru Devan or several others have talked like that taking into consideration the things which support life. Thus they certainly have an effect. But to the extent upto which one may be recognising that effect cannot be told. Anyway positivity is a thing which is very much related to cleanliness. This is the same with the case of light.... It's also important that there should be light without darkness. It's said that these astral beings love light. It's often said that they are in a state of memory and they will be feeling very pleasant by the lighting of a lamp or a candle. There are experiences.... Hence it is important to keep cleanliness in such situations. Hence it can be said without doubt that our cleanliness is very much required for the positivity. That's what I think. You will be feeling well when your house is cleaned at once. There are two reasons for that. Importantly, there is a psychological reason. It cannot be denied. Questioner: This is not a question but an observation. Within that there is a question also. When we were talking about the persons who were in close proximity to Maharshi Ramana, we talked about a girl named Indra. Then I observed that We say that it's due to our merits that we are able to come to the presence of a Guru and spent time there. Actually isn't that a bonus that we are remembered even after our life time, when our Guru is being remembered. Is that a bonus to this or an effect of that karma itself? Krishnan Kartha: I don't understood what you meant by remembering them by remembering Guru. Questioner:- The case of that child Indra which I have asked two days before. If Maharshi Ramana was not there, we would not have talked about her or remembered about her life. Thus we remember several people even after their death due to the presence of that Guru. Thus as far as they are concerned, whether it's a bonus or ... Krishnan Kartha:- No....As far as they are concerned, memories are the only thing which they can relate to this gross world. There is no specific need of saying that they are living in the memories. They have no present. They have only memories. Thus we are going to the world of memories inorder to relate with them. Thus it is a situation for them to meet us....A possibility of communication with us is thus opened there. They can hear what we say. Only that they are not able to communicate back. That's why it's a great relief for them. No doubt.... That's about memory... That's why it's said like remembrance day... Questioner:- Sir we have discussed that in the absence of body, we will be always in our past or future through our thoughts. Although it is a state of permanent misery, will the value of present be understood without having the awareness of present. That's if one is locked up in a prison continuously for several years, he might have forgotten a life of freedom outside because of this. Thus by adjusting oneself with that prison he won't be having that memory. There will be a value only when we know about the presence of present. Krishnan Kartha:- It's a time when it's recognised that everything becomes possible only in the present. What is the result of seeing the things in past and future? The thought of doing something will come. After seeing the past and future .....a regret of not having done something in the past, or the thought of taking some kind of revenge... won't these sorts of things be developed there? Thus they will be feeling a great loss when they become aware that they can do something only by coming to the present. This will be happening throughout. This is the thing. Questioner:- Is there an awareness regarding the present? Krishnan Kartha:- Surely... only that they are not able to reach the present. There will surely be an awareness that this was done by me in a present time. Not only that, now it's only a vague or a mystical idea for us to understand that old, new, present and everything. There it's not upto that... There they are able to know the past and future very clearly. They will also realise that there is no present. Hence they have understood the value of present. On the other hand, they are not at all forgetting about the present. When some past thoughts come to them and they see their results in the future, there will arise some planning for the things that are to be completed in the present. Didn't understand... A thought comes there. But when one is within the body, thought arises from will power. As this will power is embedded within our gross body, our thoughts will begin to work towards their realization, as I have told earlier. Collecting the raw materials and situations for that. That's for the thoughts from a gross body. There is no scope for such a thought for the subtle body, if at all there's a thought, it won't be having such a collection.....that's collection of raw materials.... a collection that will chance of doing a collection for that materialisation. I will tell you an example. One person has hurt me. I understood the reason for that. I foresee that I am going to hurt him in the coming times, and I see that I will hurt him to destruction. Let it be like I wish to solve this, to settle the issue by talking to two to three people who are prompting me to do this. There is no use in thinking about it there. There's no importance for this in that frequency. On the other hand, if we think like that when we are still inside our body, our mind will start working towards the accomplishment of that goal, from the very next second. It will be creating situations for that. Think that we are now near to a Guru. Saying only an example. And we feel a kind of doubt about that Guru. From that second onwards, the elements in support of the same will start functioning. Our own negative karmic deposits will be helping in that. Apart from this, there are some astral entities who are working against the gross entity of that Guru.... Astral entities who are behaving hostile to the gross entity.. They will be supporting for the early accomplishment of this desire. This person will suddenly become a great sceptic and he will be made to perform the things which he hadn't imagined even in his dreams. It's not that they are doing it purposefully, but every thing starts from their own ego. When we go near to a Guru, there is a possibility that we may feel like we are some what in a higher spiritual level as we've learned a lot and so there's no need to teach us. Especially when Guru is young. It can be understood from the coming stories that many of the devotees who came near Maharshi Ramana had these kinds of egos. Because he was young. As he was young, only the real wise were able to understand him. All else were hearing some thing and was giving marks. I am telling about such people. For the aged ones, in their opinion, every thing he says is becoming true..... They will be having an impression that they have to boost him up. They will be having a lot of confusions in their mind when they are interacting with this kind of impression. They won't be having a mental capability of understanding even a single percentage of behavior of such a person. But they are ready to judge everything. Sometimes they will be having the situation or power to do that. Even having a right, in such a situation. What they do is that, this ego will be working in them leading to misuse of their rights, and suddenly their karmas will be functioning towards this, and as per this, the astral beings will also be joining in this and begin their functioning and after some time we will see them functioning against this Guru. Not only they will be a part in this functioning, on the other hand they will be leading the same. Leading upto the level that "I am here, you people just do it" In that way they are falling into that pit, without being aware of it. Thus a huge balance of karmas that should be experienced over several births is created due to this. They are not at all aware of this. The reason for them to move into such a karma, without their knowledge is all because of a thought. Every thing begins with that thought. If once begun, it can never be rectified. It will remain as a permanent marking in their life. When one joins in the Military service, a badge having their service color code will be there. A military officer will be having a thing containing multi colored badges. When we go for a service in Leh, then it can be seen. There is a colour of blue sky and mountain like that.... I think. This way we store and keep in safe custody. If we refer to the service any time, it can be identified that we had our service in Leh. This will remain as a permanent mark in them like this. For rectifying this serving a Guru for several births may be required. The primary result is to be in a situation where one is forced to be near several fake Gurus, serving them. There comes a situation to be with several such fake Gurus and to get beating whenever the Guru gets it. What is the reason? Because of our good karmas, we have reached near a Sadguru but due to our ego that we are escaping from there. Because of their ego, they can't stay there and they escape. There is a similar character in Maharshi Ramana's story, which I meant here. He was a person who was very close to Maharshi and later turned into a very great rival. Even though there are no other factors, if there's ego, nothing can be understood. If there's insult inside upto the level of a fig fruit, there won't be any piety in those directions. Like that there's a Malayalam poem. If ego is present even to a small size as of a fig fruit, then there cannot be any piety. I have said this as an example. Why I have said all this is because of giving importance to thought. There's a huge potency for a thought when one is having a body. But there's no value for a thought when one is devoid of a body and is in a subtle body. If we try to beat a person applying all our force and when we see that it's not affecting the person, then only we come to realize about its futility. This is just an example. Thus there's no importance for the thoughts, at that time. We can't call them as thoughts. Because there's no sparkle of will power in that thought. That's why.. That's why usually it's easy to change the directions of their mental states. If a glass of water has been poured out.. On a table or on a place where we're sitting It's flowing in a particular direction. If we draw it in a particular direction using our hands, the water will be flowing in that direction. It will flow out through that direction. If we just push the things which are coming towards us to the other side, it will go that way. It's like making the water in a glass to flow. Like that we can change their thoughts. They are inside a meditative thought. Sometimes staying in one place in a contemplative thought. They don't have any freedom from this. They are staying in that misery. If a thought comes in us, if it's a miserable thought, it will be diverted when another situation comes. Over....Then it will be coming only after some time. But devoid of this body, it will stay there itself... Being miserable... Thus there is a wrong contemplation there. We can name it as negative contemplation if we want. Some body should help in coming out of such a negative contemplation, when they are not able to move from there. The different sorts of magical activities, rituals or tantric practices all help them in this. They will change direction by just a trigger. This is a simple thing which a human mind can do. That thought is having only that much of strength, in order to point out this that I have told this also

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