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Consciousness to matter

Question: Would you please explain about the concept of matter?

Krishnan Kartha: Consciousness is being changed into matter.

Yes consciousness changes into matter.

This change into matter occurs by the transformation of the five elements.

Several terms are being used for this, scriptures may be using several words.

They are not coming in to the world of experience.

In front of experience, there is only experience.

If we go into the world of scriptures in order to recognize these experiences, then only these terms will be coming in front of us.

We can call them as matter or mass.... Or anything like that...

These are all material things.

It's consciousness itself that's concentrated into these material things.

It should be understood that the consciousness takes the form of a wave and that wave solidifies into material things.

Hence the last form of that matter is its solid form.

Its solidity.

The state just before that where it solidifies is the state of liquid.

Just before that, there is the state of fire where it's in spirit, an intense state, a dynamic state.

Again the state just before that, where the molecules are in a free state of motion is the state of air.

The basic state which is the cause of all these is the state of sky.

So within water(liquid), there's earth(solid).

You can touch, feel, measure and pour water only when water reaches its state of earth (solidity).

When you see, feel, touch, and gets heated, and cook by fire, fire is in its state of earth (solidity).

You experience wind, fan is working.... You receive air through it...

This is the solid state of air.

Hence it should be understood that each of these five elements are having five states.

Many people are unaware of this.

Else solidity is not only solidity.

Solidity is there in Iiquidity, in fire, in wind, whatever it is.

Everything has got these five states.

That's how it's coming into the material state.

That's how the consciousness descends into the state of matter or mass as you said.

What happens to that consciousness when it gets transformed into a mass? It will be dead.

The main characteristic of mass is its dynamism.

This dynamism is very much intense.

As it has been discovered that the explosion happening even within a small nucleus is of so much destructive nature.

Consciousness is thus contained in such a dead state, a sleep state in each mass....

Consciousness is present not only in human beings, but also in all the particles of Nature.

Sometimes.... Consciousness is in the state of sleep.... Sometimes consciousness is working.... Sometimes consciousness is evolved into consciousness.

Thus there's no absence of consciousness ever.

Not empty...Consciousness is there.... But only the enlightened person recognizes that he is consciousness.

Nothing else is able to reach that Consciousness.

But there are some characters who have reached.

Stones, animals, birds, etc....

They are those who cut the human link in between and cross the other side.

Rarely due to this integrated state.... This might have become possible by their constant integration.

Most often due to the saying that an ember near to a coal can convert that coal also into an ember.....

Just like how a coal is converted into an entirely different state of vitality, consciousness can be reached through contact.

That is the state of mass.

And another thing you asked is whether consciousness can be seen as mass?

Consciousness can't be seen as matter, instead it may be seen as a state which is even beyond the plasma state of matter.

We see water in its material state, in the form of water vapour, ice etc.

It's said that it's having a plasma state also.

Several states above the plasma state have been discovered and yet to be discovered.

Hence what ever be the matter, its upper most state is what is called as consciousness.

In that way, it may be presumed.

The best answer is that there is no scope for that in this present scenario of limitations in the scientific experiments.

Because only when the right time comes for human beings to understand that the consciousness makes its entry.

So towards the progression of human race, in the forward journey, in some period of time, man will recognize the form of consciousness in matter.

....we can hope like that.

Questioner: When consciousness becomes a person, whether he will be having karma?

Krishnan Kartha: Yes of course.

Questioner: If such a karma happens, most of them may be related to previous memories and this karma may be part of a flow of previous recollections.

Then is this consciousness itself which gets converted into karma?

Krishnan Kartha:Yes, yes.... Consciousness itself is getting transformed into karma.

It's consciousness itself which is described as karma.

Why because consciousness will be reaching to unconsciousness, this transformation into the unconscious Universe is the first karma.

Seed of Karma.... The beginning of Karma is where Consciousness descended as unconsciousness.

Hence that contraction.... When we see is just opposite.

We feel that the Universe has been expanded from consciousness.

We feel as if these cosmos comprising of big constellations and galaxies have been created by expansion.

Actually it's a contraction.

It has contracted from its extensiveness.

Universe has been created by this contraction.

...Deficiency of that... That deficiency is what we are experiencing.

That's why we always look above...

From ancient times itself, man is having a concept of a God above, not only because of the presence of thunder, lightning and stars in the sky....

They experience this kind of upsurge within....

We feel as if we have descended from above.

Thus consciousness is transformed into human being.... Not as human being.

.. Not transformed into human being...

Consciousness is transformed into this Universe.

Human being is just a particle within it.

As this transformation into human being or Nature is happening by losing the state of consciousness, as a result of this primordial karma, again and again each and every particle will be having a tendency to indulge in further karmas.

This we have already replied to Sri. Jayaraj Sir's question: illusionary excrement.

From the first primordial sin which is nuclear, we go to an illusionary impurity due to its prompting.

Once when formed due to this prompting, it is a physics, a dynamics.... by which things will go on repeating.

Due to this dynamics, we will be again engaging in those sorts of activities.

Within a herd of cows.... We have seen a video recently....

A cow is jumping and crossing a line without touching the line.

All the cows coming on the back also does the same.

This is a special characteristic seen in the Universe.

An initial karmic trait is being followed by each and every particle.

This is the characteristic of matter.... Characteristic of consciousness which is being transformed into matter.... the transformed state of consciousness.

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