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Consummation of humanness with values

Q: Sir, every religion is bringing forth the idea of human values, no? Spiritual teachers also speak in a way giving importance to human values. Then how we have to look at these human values?

Krishnan Kartha: The so called human values become important in the wholeness of a human being.

It's something which is to be created by a human being.

If it's not present in a human being, he is just in a quality of a two legged animal.

If a human being attains his complete growth, then he is equivalent to God.

By saying as equivalent to God, I don't mean such an existence.

Man becomes adorable.

How he becomes adorable?

When the qualities which are not present in other human beings come, then naturally a charisma occurs.

This charisma will attract others.

This is a biological factor in organisms.

This is how attraction between living organisms occur due to this biological factor, for that music, body smell, song, shriek..... shriek does not mean to simply make loud noise.

The song of a bird.

These sorts of sounds and dance...are called as nuptial dance.

These are the various sorts of things that the nature has in store, for making an attraction between living organisms.

It is a whole some state which is attained by a human being in the wholeness of humaneness.

Then he attracts.

When he attracts, human beings will be drawn towards him.

They won't be able to know what they will be getting from there when they come closer.

A bird knows what to do when it goes near another bird listening to the other bird's song.

Animals know, these are all part of their daily routine.

It's not familiar, hence do not know what to do.

So without knowing what to do , without having anything to do, without a second thought, he starts to adore such a human being. That's what happens.

This is what is called as charisma.

This charisma will be contained in different ways.

Some people very rarely approach them for their enlightenment. The curious and the wise.

The wise and wise may talk with each other.

Just like Sri Rama asking Sage Vasishta. Sri Rama asks Sage Vasishta referring to Uriashtakam saying that although every thing is known to him, he is asking for his enlightenment.

It's a dialogue between the known and the known.

What is the greatest benefit in that?

Through that, a big feast is made available for the external ears, ears of others.

Several things are to be obtained from that.

Because of repeated questioning, there is a chance of travelling through several things in a very different perspective, which nobody has ever travelled.

Thus new things can be understood.

Where were these new things remained hidden?

Hidden in the nature itself.

Were these things there in the Master's head?

No. Just think that the Master is thinking about a question for the first time when he hears such a question.

Only then the Master will be getting that answer.

It's only that the Master is speaking, all those are not the words of the Master.

All those are obtained by the Master, the Master gives them.

From where it's obtained? From an ability that everyone has.

From an universal network.

Not from a hard disk.

Not a stored data.

Hence both of them will be receiving from the new information thus obtained.

This is not only heard by the two of them....A lot of them are hearing.

That's why Sri Rama says that he is asking Sage Vasishtha.

Knowing this Sage Vasishtha also gives answers.

Thus hearing and contemplation everything happens there.

Thus like that a hearing and contemplation take place.

It's to be understood in that way.

Thus the enlightened goes for such a hearing.

The curious ones goes there inorder to ask that which is unknown for them.

The Bhagavad Gita says that wisdom will be imparted by repeated questioning.

Wisdom is obtained by repeated questioning.

Whether it's wisdom that they impart.

How can one impart wisdom?

What is there other than wisdom?

That can be imparted.

Wisdom is that which is found out by one's own by this impartment.

Thus the curious and the wise comes there to get associated with this wisdom.

The Aarthas and Artharthis come to a next lower level.

By the satisfaction, the happiness, and the wellbeing that they experience by coming there, they will be having a misunderstanding that all their sorrows will be coming to an end by this.

Although this is a thing which one feels in that context when one is there in such a situation, they hope that this will continue to be there in their lives and start worshipping.

Thus who is the one who starts this worship?

Not the curious and the wise.

But the Aarthas and the Artharthis.

They have a slight consumeristic culture.

With a purpose of acquiring something, they will be trying to please him, by various means of adorations.

He may not be pleased by this.

A wise man won't be pleased by any of these things.

But as this is the only thing known to them, the Buddhas or the Masters won't reject these offerings.

Why don't they reject?

They've brought upto their maximum ability.

Donation is being collected for a big enterprise.

Most of them gave their one month's salary.

We give so much importance to a small donation made by a woman who is a poor green grocer or a sweeper.

Why? Do we ask her

Hey Green grocer, you might have studied properly in the class, when you were sent for schooling, why have you gone to catch fish with a bottle. You could have given a bigger amount than this if you had studied properly, passed and became a collector.

We don't ask such a question to our friend or the green grocer , instead we will be receiving the amount in public, paying much more respects than the donation made by the Collector.

If required, it will be telecasted in TV, a photo may be published, posted in facebook, or like that.

This is the science of acceptance.

This is what the Buddhas are doing.

The ignorant and the illiterate ones, the only thing they can give in their capacity is adoration.

Nothing else. With a belief that they can be corrected by using this adoration, actually the Master becomes ready to accept these adorations.

This happens in the case of every one.

If we take the case of Sri Rama Krishna ,or even the case of Swami Vivekananda also.

Although he was not a personality like that, there have been some such instances.

Maharshi Ramana .... Not saying the names now....if it's like that then a list needs to be written.

Then why that happens?

They are not interested in worship.

But this is the only thing which they know to give.

Don't you remember that, which I have told you once.

The cow named Lakshmi was not giving shake hand when she sees Maharshi Ramana, nor was she bowing at his feet on seeing him.... she knows only to lick.

That's its character.

In the same way as it's behaving, each human being is behaving in their own way.

Then what is told as this wisdom, curiosity, Aarthas, Artharthis etc.... there are several miseries for the Aarthas.

For some, their lower chakras will be feeling the happiness by this presence.

Like Mooladhara, Swadhishdaana and Manipooraka chakras.

So some may be feeling well by staying there to eat food.

Some may think it as better to set aside their interest for material pleasures to here.

These are all ways devised by their mind for their safety.

They don't understand that.

Thus there are some failures even while trying to devote to a particular path sitting in such a place.

Some karmic attachments are there, which they are not aware.

So they don't think whether that much good deeds have to be done for reviving this karma which is burning out there, or for bringing it back to the old equilibrium state.

Thus various kinds of people will be drawn towards a human being who is whole some, due to his charisma.

The simile which is used by Sage Vasishtha in Yoga Vasishtha is that of the flies covering the discharge of a musth elephant.

This similie has been taken from it by many including Kalidasa.

We can understand in that way.

Thus in this way how it's being covered, in the same way, the charisma is attracting people.

If it's not to be like that, he has to forcibly apply a satwik maya.

It has to be determined that they should not come closer.

Other wise, naturally they will come near.

No need to say.

Thus that is a whole some human being.

It's his values that are human values.

Thus human values are ideal.

Not real. The real things are those which are shown by men at present, which are for ever.

Thus it's the decision that, what all things are required by men for getting wholesomeness from them, which creates the need for human values.

One can be a human being only in that way.

To become a whole some human being.

It's by praising and showing great men as whole some human being, people can be enlightened.

That's what Nagarjuna also says.

In Madhyamakaarika what he says is that truth should be absolute.

So by dependence, all these things exist.

Not a single one is an exception.

So it's by showing some one that we can bring them into it.

A model has to be shown.

By seeing that, they will raise to it, got it?

It has been so long, religions have been here for so long, religious activities, because of this so many loses... now as Nixon Sir and the like are listening to this....

So many loses have occurred due to religious activities.

Then if we ask why man has been firm in this even after encountering so many loses,we will have to apply the theory of Nagarjuna.

There is no other alternative.

That's why. If somebody was able to give a pure governance, a pure life of independence, joy, beauty, and equality, then men will go for it.

No doubt.

We have just blown up this and that as sweet, beautiful, lovely and so.

There is no independence or peace of any kind.

This was a peace which was there when we were forced to stay inside our homes and were beaten and taught.

It's only a restricted peace.

China, which is making so much protests against the banning of apps, had already covered up Facebook, Google and the like, with a great wall, long ago.

It can never be thought of.

Thus only by showing even a dream that there is a state of Independence, can an excitement and hope be created in men.

They have failed in that, why do they fail?

Men without human values are coming to the leadership of such movements.

Coming to the leadership of such nations.

There everything is lost.

Even though how beautiful concepts they are, they will fall down.

With nothing remaining.

From a state of world capitalist, they may be falling to a state of nothingness.

Only after the fall, it was known that there was nothing, it was all a disguise.

A coat was worn, below the coat, there was a thing like a shirt which was stitched to some distance.

Only a small portion of that shirt can be seen.

There's nothing on the other side and beyond.

Two to three of that kind were got stitched.

It will be worn beneath the coat, and it cannot be known that there's no shirt below, as the coat won't be removed.

This was the situation.

: Administrations have fallen.

How they have fallen down?, is it by itself that they have fallen? No.

What happened there? What has happened?

Men without human values.

Men without human values.... Two legged ones... If they sit and steer such beautiful movements, it will be like saying that the congregation has been took away by the devil.

Then for human value, there is not even a hope to think against such exploitations, to give an aspiration.

We can see no other alternative.

Thus the only thing is to adjust with the things which are available.

Man will return to his available old provisions.

Thus will be returned to religion.

When it comes to that, the nature has its own rules.

If a saturation point is reached, then nature will have to make its interventions.

Epidemics, religions simply sitting and watching the attacks of these epidemics, all these are giving enough way to the human beings to think.

But they don't think, they can think only when they are allowed to think, don't they?

They will be accepting a policy of not to think, due to fear.

Hence will be returning back again to the old state, by sitting down, without any thinking.

Hence human values are very much essential.

Let's see what is the importance of human values rather than asking how human values have to be seen... It has to be thought of.

So we have to understand that we are not human beings, with the anxiety of becoming a human being, we have to reach to those human values which a human being should have.

It's much easier to try to become a human being rather than trying to become a Buddha.

Because a Buddha is a real human being.

It's my belief that, all the cosmic forces must bow down before that real human being.

So that is what I have to say, when asked about human values.

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