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Freewill, Cause and Effect

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Question:- Sir, one doubt, how this cause and effect and freewill are related? Like that, all the things that we see, or as we observe, everything goes with a cause and an effect. But in between this, several effects without causes are also occurring, which we miss.

Krishnan Kartha:- That is in between the talk, it was heard that effect do happen without cause. Did you say like that?

Questioner:- No Sir, it was a question, whether that is happening?

Krishnan Kartha:- Yes, there is a doubt that whether that happens. It's because we are not able to know the cause. Only effect is in our hands. It's like saying that the dream is with him, all the thing is with me. What we say as primordial karma is that as long as we have an anxiety to get linked to a pre planned cause, we will be trying to escape by putting everything to that cause. You may understand what this primordial cause is without my word. So there is a possibility that, the one who thinks about the existence of that primordial cause will stop there and escape. will be leaving all his responsibilities and may be leaning upon this. Covid is affecting. Spreading uncontrollably...even though it is possible to control it easily, thinking about our own wellbeing and its abundance only, without thinking about the safety of society or even of oneself, by roaming here and there as one likes, it's seen that the society itself is getting damaged. Even though we ourselves are the cause for that, we can say that it is due to primordial cause. We can escape by saying that the cause is Buddhas or God. There is a tendency for everyone to escape like that. So if it exists, then effects do originate from what you call as the primordial cause, imagine that they are coming as a chain. If you personally ask me, what I believe and I identified is not that. That primordial karma which is moulded according to one's own karmic consequences, with the formation of the mind, when gets differentiated as different minds, when that mind goes into different individualities, with that individuality, subjects are perceived differently and used and its results experienced .... to experience its result again... that's it goes into four stages. To experience the result of that again.... to create that causes by creating that ripples and by creating those effects, human being gets the freedom for everything. Not only human being, but all the beings will be getting. Some are passive commitments. Some are active commitments. Human being will be committing it actively. Other beings are committing passively. Thus what's called as primordial cause is only division. That's why I have pointed out that the atomic filth is being interpreted by me like that. That which necessitated or that which prompted is the impurity which is in the most atomic form and is in most abstract form. Or that which provoked. That manifestation of universe The manifestation of universe is due to one impurity. It's called as atomic filth in our discussions. This is not the classical belief regarding atomic filth. We are using that word. Let them use it if they want. This definition is not something which is mistaken by them. From that atomic filth, from that primordial cause which is called as impurity, as a result the minds thus getting differentiated will be having different characteristics inside, having different concepts, having different interests, having different subsidiaries of them, mind will be falling into different sorts of subjects and experiencing them.... some will experience and some will not... thus differentiation occurs, differentiation, contradiction and every thing... is the effect of what.... is the effect of this primordial cause. Thus if we ask what is being created as an effect of that, it's this nature which is full of these differentiations and contradictions, that's is being created. What I refer to as nature is in the sense of qualitative nature having satvik, rajasik and tamasik qualities. Thus this differentiation is the root cause for different types of characteristics. It should be understood that the nature with differentiations can occur only when the primordial cause is not created from such kind of nature. Don't understood what it's told now? If there is a nature, then only that nature can be generated from that nature. The nature of one product being produced, its characteristic, will be coming to its product. My character that is being poured. Isn't it? Hence for the variety of the nature being created, there cannot be one specific quality behind it. If there was only one quality in the beginning, it's not possible that all these are being created from that. Hence consciousness can be seen as being devoid of the three qualities. It is beyond duality..... What is the duality here's awareness and experience. Vedandists may be saying something else. What are the qualities for the one which is beyond the duality of awareness and experience, devoid of the three qualities, beyond the Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik qualities, what are the qualities for that consciousness.... How can we specify that consciousness.. If we specify it, it will become part of existence. Then also it should be specified into four types. Firstly as permanent, will be permanent. From the thing which is permanent, do these impermanent things will have to occur. Hence the thing which is permanent should not undergo any sort of changes. How is that? The variety in nature like rain, day light, cold, snow, wind, the occurrence of all these is not permanence. There comes the repetitive qualities. That's not permanence. So what is called as permanence is that, there should be a state of steadiness. Then how can it be with mercy and without mercy sometimes. Not possible. That's the primary reason for it to be thought as permanent. Then it's absolute. Absolute means not dependent on anything. Independent....Non dependent... After the origination of all these natures, then everything is dependent. Thoughts, persons, characters, everything is dependent. Every thing is dependent on one another. The Universe is entirely dependent. Nothing is independent. Every sphere is related by mutual attraction. Nothing has an independent existence. It's not possible for Mercury or Jupiter to stand apart thinking that they may take rest for some time. There is a relationship where there is no right of governance. It's that the world which is relative can only be created from that which is absolute. Thus it's permanent, absolute, and unique. Without having another. In this uniqueness, it's called as consciousness. Because it cannot be called as unconscious or non essence. It's a combination of essence and non-essence. A combination of wisdom and ignorance. A combination of light and darkness. A combination of black and white. A combination of night and day... Everything combined. The Sun doesn't shine in that place, there is no moon or stars there. Haven't you heard about it like this. It's told about that dwelling. We have understood here it as a concept of world of Gods. Because there is no need for the Sun to shine... No darkness is there. No need of the Moon or Stars. Because there is no need for anything. It's beyond all these. Hence it should be permanent.... It should be absolute... It should be unique...which means that these all should be its characteristics. By characteristics, own being Is what is meant. It has an own attitude. What is that.... Is Permanent... Is absolute.... Is automated. Should not be created by anybody. What the Nihilists are doing is to go in search of this. They are just contemplating whether it's like this. That should also be crossed. Again lying forward. Only after reaching the consciousness of non-duality that man can go forward by doing research through this. Still have to go. Is that emptiness that permanent.... Or is that absolute... Everything should be subjected to test. Thus in that way having these four qualities and also not having these four qualities... What is called as Consciousness Is the One which is both Having and not having. It's the deficiency in this consciousness which is the reason for the creation of the Universe. Sorry, the reason for the generation of the Universe. The impurity which is responsible for the origination of the Universe is the first primordial karma. That's the cause... As an effect of this it comes to a nature of dividing different kinds of causes. What ever is divided, like that causes are also divided. Impurities are divided.... Purity is also divided. Everything is divided. As a result, it's going on like a chain reaction of causes and effects. In the primitive concept, the one who reaches the consciousness that he was present in Adam, has the ability to break that chain. It's him who has free will. As he knows that he is the master of his destiny, he will intelligently put a stop to it. He controls. He will be interfering in those karmas and will try to put a stop to them.... Will pay attention. To apply brake at one place... How can it be done practically? One hurts, when it's thought about it that he is hurting, it will be understood that why he is doing this.... Then we will endure. If we endure this with grief, then a chain reaction of making one sorrowful will be created for him , then we will be coming to torture him. And if we are able to take our revenge against him, then another chain reaction will be created. In this way, one is said to be having free will, when he is moving forward by thinking about each and every experience intelligently. It's very rare. As it's not available for every one, Einstein might have told like that. I will try to understand why Einstein has told like that. That's all what I have to say... Understood Aaron?

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