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Harms to Gurus & Karmic results

Binil Kumar: Sir, when you spoke, you said that when a Buddha's mind is worried it means many minds are worried. But when an ordinary person is sad those minds which can make him extra sad cannot even reach to that region in which the Buddha is sad. So when the mind of the Buddha is troubled many minds are troubled, how is it to be understood?

Krishnan Kartha: The mind of the Buddha, the mind of a Buddha, is a collection of minds. Does that mean it is a cosmic mind? It is a collective mind. As it is a collective mind there is no abstraction of individual mind. There is no contraction. Is in expansion. Therefore, in effect, what is seen and made in it is an impact of many minds. That is why the impacts made by a person to a Buddha's state of mind, or the problems created to it (whatever, whatever you call it) they have the result of a very large group of minds. That is the reason to say that. It is not like how certain people think that there some people, some of them who share the mind of the Buddha. It seems that its related to such people and to their minds, the impact of a behavior towards the Buddha is multiplied to a hundred times. So the problem there is not the sharing of like-minded Buddhas or like-minded people. The Buddha shared his mind with everyone. No matter what sort of people share that mind, different kinds of impacts are produced in them. The sum total of all those impacts will come to the person who is responsible for that Karma. This is the secret of that Karma. But in fact his mind does not grieve at what is being shown to him; probably not responding to it; Whether he responds or not. That is likely to be a doubt. How can he have an impact? How can he have an impact? That's why I thought about it and said that word. The impact is not on him. How many constituent minds can there be in his mind? Unthinkable. Not all of these minds may be having such a balance. If we think that a building can be destroyed by a bomb, then the engineers who are engaged now in that new type of work that demolishes building, know very well how to plant a bomb on it. Where the strength is more, more impact need to be given there. In some places there is no need to give an impact in particular. Everything else collapses as a result of a concentrated impact. So it has a design. It doesn't mean that it is just simply without a design to fill every room with a lot of explosives and light it up. It has a design. Just like that, why it is said like that because there is a distribution of the strength of that building. Its strength is not concentrated in one place. Has been distributed. That distribution is an important determinant factor in weakening it. Is a factor. Similarly, when we say about this aggregate of a network of minds or a collective mind, in that it is not the mindless functional mind of the Buddha (remember that the Buddha does not have a mind too) that is affected there by the impacts. But the wave that it makes goes in many directions. Like as the saying goes, when a big ship sails the waves move in all four directions, the waves produced by the impact reach various parts and different minds receive it in different ways. The culture of minds is different. The ability of minds to withstand impacts is different. All this will be accepted by each mind in a small manner. But its net result is huge. That is. That is how actually problems arise from this behavioral evils towards the Buddha. It does not matter whether he curses, he doesn't desire or does not like. That's why he take cares to avoid such a situation. Because he is well aware that the occurrence of a situation is dangerous for them. And let me say one more thing, are these like-minded, Buddhas? No. It should be understood that this mind is universally shared, not with like-minded Buddhas. It should not be taken in the sense that as mind is being shared with people who are Buddhas, it is tormenting their minds. It is to be understood that when we try to harm a collective mind, the collective mind is not harmed, on the other hand many of the minds associated with it are hurt and the consequences come upon us. Otherwise, as Binil thought, it is not divided or shared between some people or Buddhas, nothing like that.

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