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Kinetics in manifestation & retrogression

Q (Baiju): Sir, you have pointed out that kinetics is gained during the manifestation from consciousness to experience. Is the same form of kinetics required while returning back from experience to consciousness. If there is no such force, then from where the drive occurs?

Krishnan Kartha: The downward kinetics is not present in the upward journey for sure. This is causing the main hindrance in the journey of self realization. As I have already pointed out, these hindrances occur because the Universe has been created for experience. Hence all the particles in the Universe are leaned towards experience. Turned towards experience From among them, one, two, three or four turn towards consciousness by their own risk. By their own effort. There won't be any support from the Universe for that. If you see nature as a limited thing, it will be creating the maximum oppression. As nature is like this it's referred to in Bible....again the Bible came into the picture... It's a matter to be looked into, tell me tomorrow after referring to Bible. It's pointed out in the Bible that nature is playing with you. Isn't it?

Baiju: Yes, I think.

Krishnan Kartha: Yes. A seminary Student should be able to tell this with confirmation. Without any doubts. The basic nature of Nature is playfulness. That's why it's told that Nature is playing with you.

It's the nature of Nature to drag one towards experience. There's no doubt in this. That's why an idiom like 'winning over Nature' came into existence here. It doesn't mean to crush the Nature and to stand on top of it. So to win over Nature, one has to hinder the Nature and move forward. Naturopathy physicians are present here. This is the feature of a truth seeker with reference to Nature. This is his vision. There occurs the winning over of Nature. On the other hand it doesn't mean to go in accordance with Nature. Ordinary life is just like that. It's not possible to win over Nature by rejecting Nature. That's why it's told to go in accordance with Nature. If you have to go through experience, then you can't go against Nature. Hence you have to go in accordance with Nature. You want to reject experience, In order to turn towards awareness, you have to reject experience. That's why it's told in the Bible to reject Nature. Today afternoon I laid down here in a cot. A cot was placed here for the last two weeks. For lying down then and now but laid down only twice or thrice. While lying down I thought, whether to make it as a permanent arrangement. To lie down there. I thought..... Then I remembered. Then it will be told that he has been laid down. Why it's told that one has been laid down. Just think.... One is laid down, bed ridden. When do such things are being told. When do we use such a saying. Such a saying is used when one is facing death, beginning to depart from life. It's said that he has been laid down. Otherwise it won't be said as laid down, the word not well will be used instead. It's said as laid down to mean that everything is finished. What happens when one is laid down? Just think, our back bone will be horizontally aligned to the earth just like animals. Listen, I will repeat once again. Back bone will become parallel to ground just like animals. How we became human beings? The animal having parallel back bone was transformed into Orangutan, Chimpanzee, then Gorilla and finally into human form, having back bone perpendicular to the ground. That's why it's told to sit straight during meditation. Because one has to be perpendicular in the journey towards awareness. For the journey of experience, parallel alignment is required. What happens when the experience is complete,what happens when one looses his complete awareness when he is extremely drunk? There is a tendency for the back bone to be in a parallel position with respect to ground. Will bent Then that lying down is the one which is parallel to Nature. It's very difficult to wake up from that slumber. That's why the way to consciousness has become very difficult. All types of hurdles will be created. It's usually said that Nature will be showering flowers and will be showing benevolence when one becomes a Buddha. But that will happen only after the attainment of Buddhahood. Because if you come victorious, even after placing all these hurdles, then a trophy is kept for you. It's one and the same who is placing these hurdles and giving the trophy. Whether these hurdles to be kept aside and bring the trophy to home.. What's the need for the race. It's just asking like that. So you have asked a good question. There are so many hurdles in the return upward journey towards consciousness. For that Kinetics is only in the downward direction. It's a potential energy. There is a potential when coming down. That's all to say in this.

A very good question.

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