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Materialisation of thoughts

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Question: Do all thoughts formed in our minds, I am speaking about common man, attain fruition? When a thought passes through the mind it is passed on to totality which in turn provides the resources needed for the fulfilment. This occurs now or later according to the intensity of the thought. Another side to this is the classification of mind as conscious mind and subconscious mind by psychologists. They say that when a thought passes through the conscious mind it can materialize only after getting transferred to the subconscious mind . But all thoughts are not transferred to the subconscious mind. An evaluation of the thought takes place in the conscious level. Some thoughts are the n transferred to the subconscious mind . There the subconscious mind works and the desired result is attained - So I feel that one goes inside and the other outside . . What does actually happen? According to psychologists only the thoughts transferred to the subconscious mind attain fruition.

Krishnan Kartha: According to what you say a thought gets transferred to the subconscious mind where necessary actions take place for the fulfilment. It is like ;when we wish to buy a car we have to apply for a loan after which the application is taken to the head office where the loan is sanctioned. Then we buy the car. This is not the process here. From where did you get this idea? where did you come across such a thought? All this originates from the concept of prayer. The whole process is based on the situation when the total mind grants a prayer. Did you mean that? You pray and it is granted Did you say this by verbally differentiating mind as individual and cosmic

Simeesh: No, Sir

Krishnan Kartha: Then how did you get the thought ?

Simeesh: I think it may be from " vivekananda Sarasanyana' When a thought occurs in a person he actually allows all similar thoughts in the universe to enter his mind. When then mind gets tuned in a particular frequency all similar thoughts enter the mind either positive or negative His mind will act as a reciever of all similar present and past thoughts . Thus a cruel person becomes more cruel and a virtous person more virtous. Thus when a thought occurs in my mind and all the similar thoughts will transf er energy for the fulfilment of my thought I meant that when I asked the question

Krishnan Kartha: Ok. but this cannot be termed as cosmic mind. It may have been referred as collection of minds , This usually happens in the case of depression in a person we had discussed this I dont' know whether you remember When we get depressed over something there is a possibility of innumerable minds with similar depression getting ready to enter our mind. It becomes possible for a subconscious to enter the mind according to our weakness and welcoming mood. Subconscious drive. This is the reason for advicing not to get depressed. It is indeed great to know that Swami Vivekananda has told this. I have to read that. His view regarding this has to be read. We had only discussed about depression. Happiness was not thought about. But none of these is the actual point. The exact answer is this. All thoughts of man will be materialised This is the first point. Immediately after the formation of a thought the mind starting acquiring all the necessary factors like qualities, karmic strength etc for its fruition. Even a thought in a light vein gets fulfilled . The speed depends on the intensity of the thought. When there is a prayer for something it actually means that the thought repetitively or cyclically passes through the mind. Just as a line gets darker and darker when it is drawn over and over the thought gets deep rooted and the favourable situation to attain is reached soon. In some cases if there are no required causes the process continues till the fruition. Some of us have experienced desires getting fulfilled after they are discarded and forgotten completely The reason for this is also the same . Right from the moment of thought the mind starts the process of collection for its fulfilment That is the reason why the theory of dependant origination in Prathethya Samapada mentions the need to forego such thoughts. Once formed, the clinging and step by step progress begins. So the first point is that all thoughts materialise. Whatever is being faced now is the result of our own thoughts. Both good and bad. Does anybody invite bad times ;even in thoughts. No . 0nly good things are thought about. When we yearn for good there is an inherent bad effect also. We tend to define somethings as bad. There is pleasure and pain. We book an experience where pleasure and pain are entangled. We tend to split it using intelligence It is not done deliberately or knowingly . We select pleasure but pain is inherent. Just like a banana and its skin. Whereas the skin of a banana can be discarded the unwanted part of an experience cannot be removed. It has to be kept in the pocket and experienced later without others knowing. Pain follows pleasure. Is it clear?

Simeesh: Sir, is there really a differentiation between conscious and subconscious mind?

Krishnan Kartha: Definitely yes. When there is a repeated signal in the conscious mind it attains the subconscious level. They believe that a random part does not attain that level. Good belief. They do not believe the continuity of the mind . For them the mind dies along with the body, our mind does not die. It continues. Rather, only the mind continues.

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