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Organic accommodation of nature

Q: Sir, we have been told that a situation has to be accepted as it is , accept things as they are etc. But right from birth till death we fight with nature for various needs. We are not ready to accept situations as they are which is the reason behind our struggle. In due course , after a series of struggles, we may start to accept things as they are. I don't know. On the contrary, when we travel along the path of wisdom, we realize that such fights are futile and develop a mind to accept situations as such.It is not an organic change. It originates from our thoughts which inturn tutors the mind and intellect. What is the relevance of such an acceptance.An acceptance arrived through an understanding from wisdom, wherein the mind is made to attain the quality of surrender with no fighting.

Ans: The answer is present in Shyam's question itself. As Shyam said ; when does one become ready to accept ? It is when consciousness is attained. Till then there is a struggle with nature which eventually leads man to the conscious state through the difficulties in the struggle. No one can stop the progress to consciousness. His own interests lead him to the conscious state now or later. All his desires are encompassed by consciousness. When he gets disappointed in each and every desire ,he realises the need of consciousness for genuine enjoyment which lead to that state. This is the reason behind his struggle with any situation. From what Shyam said or what is generally inferred, as a bad trait , is actually not so. Nature prompts this. The reason behind this is , when we do not accept and struggle for a change, resulting in a loss , it paves a way in the travel, to total consciousness. This is a natural setting. So, when there is no favourable outcome in something , one should realise that, there is still a bondage to nature which has to be overcome. Still, the movement is in the forward direction in the path to attain consciousness. Consciousness is sure to be attained. The struggle will not be a necessity then. As a child, there will be an interest for colour pencils . During our childhood days, there was a plant to clean the slate. Some children bring this plant which becomes a great asset for them. The slate can be cleaned even without the plant but still ,some children like to clean their slates neatly with this plant . They have an eye on the plant in somebody else's pocket. To get this was the greatest desire then and an adjustment struggle starts there. But after schooling , when one is in the college for graduation , does one go after this plant? No, because needs have changed. This is just an example. Only when such struggle persists, the ultimate consciousness is attained. My Guru says I will go on giving you whatever you want in the hope that one day you will ask me what I want you to ask me. This is the order of nature , the order of the universe and the order of consciousness. We see this consciousness as God. This consciousness will go on giving anything.

It can be compared to bread biting. When a person persists in effort the bread is given to that person. It is not kept aside for the next participant. Whatever one desires is attained in due course. The effort decides the duration for attaining. So , whatever is decided is attained. Vasishta tells Sreerama "Rama the interest in desire is lost in attainment. There is no doubt. There is always an interest in getting which is lost after getting. The interest then shifts to new objects. After attaining one by one , he finally turns to the inherent conscious state. That is the reason why man has been bestowed with an unsatiated demand for things. This is natural. It moves on beautifully. Hence , when somebody expresses a desire there is no need to advice against itIt has to be encouraged. It may be a desire for building a house, getting married or any other matter for that. By the fulfillment of each desire one is nearing consciousness. He is not moving away from it. He is getting closer and closer to his goal by satiating each and every want and becoming wantless in the end. This is how it has to be perceived.

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