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Pain & the enlightened ones

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Binil Kumar: Sir, can there be a difference in the quality of what a conscious person experiences and what a normal human being experiences, whether it is happy or pain. Well, the pain of a normal human being, when a conscious person experiences it with a lot of quality, does it feel more to him? So, does a conscious person using it as a possibility? Does that mean that a pain that an ordinary human being must go through for years can sometimes pass by a conscious person in a moment or in a short time? Isn't that a big possibility for him then? The question is whether it is used that way.

Krishnan Kartha: There is nothing like that the conscious one whether uses sadhana (practice) for the postponement of pain or not. For that matter, the conscious does not have to have any such escapism. Because they are not afraid. As I mentioned earlier, since there is no such thing as samsara bhaya or bhavabhaya (fear of samsara), for them, there is no urgency for them to get this done somehow swiftly. Even if it is a grief, there is patience to go through that grief gently, with the ability to endure, it is a marvelous experience for them. So, they never hustle into it. But something that Binil asked for are noteworthy. I think there is couple of things to be considered there. In fact, one needs to experience only up to the limit his body can afford at a time. What I am experiencing the so-called illnesses are those affordable to this body right now. In fact, this may not be the deposit. That investment is more likely to be called for more pain or diseases. But that is enough given the current state of the body and its limitations. It comes there. Now, if it is possible, the next one should come along, then need to rebuild a healthy body to relish the rest of it. There is virtually no program here that can be experienced simultaneously at a time that is otherwise easy to experience. And so, it is being done slowly but surely. Some budhas make it to experience simultaneously at a single point of time. That is right what Binil said. It is a self-intentional act. It will have its own karmic consequences following. Because it is a violence. Because the whole existence of this universe has become the universe to go through life, which is a mixture of pleasure and pain until the end. After becoming the universe, itself, that cannot say no to becoming. That is the thing about it. So, by considering this justice the experiences are faced slowly. Asked if it was being used as an exercise (sadhana), which I did not understand very quickly. Of course, there will be reliefs as one goes through the experiences. Of course, as we know, opening when turning to the right and closing when turning to the left ... there is no doubt that experiences and pains always bring relief and pleasures always bondage. That is the choice of Jesus Christ. If pain and suffering are the reasons for his choice, it is best to cause a release. It can provide many types of relief to many people. They must have meant reliefs as deliverances. Those reliefs can be given. Relief, liberation, anything can be said. It can be given. That is because this key opens to the right. Thus, by accepting such sorrows in suffering, one can carry out various charitable activities, compassionate and gentle activities with the accumulated karma. With that, one can be born again and again. There is no compulsion to be born again. It is possible without even being born. Thus, Buddhas adopt such procedures. But it cannot be called sadhana. This is because they use their body to the fullest, not for their betterment. Perhaps, I feel like the body was so beautifully used like Jesus Christ, can be said that the optimal use of physical body. I doubt whether anyone else should have optimally used the physical body, and which is not for personal benefit. Sree Narayana Gurudeva wrote a poem about Chattambi Swamy, a four-line poem – with a metaphor ‘sukamarggena’ in it. Like the way a parrot goes up. The parrot goes up, without looking at anything. It means looking there only at the elevation to one's own sense of spirituality without looking at anything else. That is the ‘sukamargam’ the parrot way it is meant to be. Not like that, I personally feel that he has used that body selfishly by deciding to use his own body to the maximum for the experience of the people and the crowd, in order to perfect their experiences. So, it is not ‘sadhana’, it's just some of their 'leelas' or their karmic plans. Binil asked, if that is being done, of course it is it being done and so is it happening. They see totality in every moment and in everything. When I say totality, because Binil mentioned about quality and quantity. Quantity and quality the two are different. The amount of grief we experience is less and the quality is less. The quantity of comforts is less and the quality less. The greater the amount of grief experienced by the conscious, the greater the benefit. The greater the amount of pleasure, the greater the quality. Experiencing with fullness. All this in part, because the possibility of normal one turning away from fear as soon as one reaches the ladder of bliss. The fear of death haunts him. Only when one has the notion of eternal life will have the courage to turn to the exhilaration. He who does not have - cannot, that is it. So, I think it covered everything Binil asked for. Anything else?

Binilkumar: No Sir, got it. I asked the possibility itself.

Krishnan Kartha: OK then.

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