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Planning of mission by Gurus

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Jayaraj : Osho has something to say about Gurdjif. Krishnan Kartha : What is it ? Jayaraj : In that movie … Krishnan Kartha :What ? Jayaraj : He is a device maker … Krishnan Kartha : A what ? Jayaraj : A device maker. Krishnan Kartha : A device maker , is that right? Jayaraj : Yes, that’s right. Krishnan Kartha : All right, Jayaraj : Who, Gurdjieff was a device maker. Krishnan Kartha : O.K. Jayaraj : It's in that movie. I noticed this was the case in his life of Gurdjieff. Even Ouspenski was device. Not only Ouspenski, who ever met with him was selected and upbrought. Then using them he started spreading his teachings to the mob. Everything looks pre-planned. Even Ouspenski, he believes he met Gurdjieff on his own will, but it is vice-vera. Gurdjieff planned the meeting and selected Ouspenski because he was a good writer. Like many of them, he reads paper and selects wherever he goes. Then he contacts them and thus his movement got organized. So, what you have to say about this Sir, I mean the eccentricity of their vision on such matters… Krishnan Kartha : It's ... a craft. Such plans and craft plans begin when one has a feeling that certain ideas have sprouted, that ideas must be spread universally, that people must be convinced and they are universally spread, and they must believe in it. It is not an artistic thing. It is totally a commercial thing. It is a commercial craft.

Today, when Fr. Mariadas was speaking, people like Fr. Mariadas were referring whenever a guru visits Kottayam, they invite people, the elite ones in Kottayam, to join them for a dinner. Although there is no interest in attending the dinner, since they cannot refuse the organizers call, they attend it. As they reach there, they cannot find any connections with the ideology nor have an interest in the guru, or even respect. But when others are seen respecting the guru, they the organizers conditions them to admire the guru for courtesy. As they seem to show some reverence towards the guru, the organizers catch the moment with a photo, and using the same they will attract next ten people. Those guests do not see any connection or affiliation with the Guru form, or the Guru, but they fall in this ensnare. Each conversation after this is referring to their absurd position. But after all, it is a dinner, so they do some chit chat and leave. They might not offend it. The organizers make use of such unoffending situations.

I mean, I am glad to know that this kind of chores were there for Gurdjieff also. You know why? There are some rare Russian psychics who were perhaps even more conscious and wise than Gurdjieff, and the world has never heard of them. For example, Wolf Messing. The Wolf Messing – he was a great Russian magician during Stalin’s regime. He had many abilities, psychic powers, many powers. He was also a mentalist. He was once called upon to Stalin’s office to get testified those powers by Stalin. He came to Stalin’s office, to his room. Stalin was stunned! He asked, “how did you break into my room?!” Messing replied, “I just walked through in ease, and all of them saluted”. It is said that this statement astonished Stalin. When Stalin probed, they said they (security guards) saw Stalin himself was breezing in. This is an example, of Messing’s bit of magical wit. Psychic powers, not denying that it includes magic as well. There have been some theories of his own. We will learn it someday. At any time, if ever. Looks like there is no time for that right now. Certainly, learn someday. The affairs of many who were in Soviet Russia at that time have gone unnoticed.

I have mentioned about Rasputin before. We portrayed Rasputin with a bad image and killed him. By shooting down, and poisoning. Not even known where he was buried. If I will say anything good on Rasputin, I will also be shot down, mentally. Like that Wolf Messing, as well as so many names. Since Madame Blavatsky got escaped from there, she was able to set up an organization and through the organization, make people gather around the globe to sit and think on some days. Even if nothing more happens, so much happens. So, what I'm saying is that this craft is being carried out by people who have a childish desire to organize their code, their philosophy, the perspective they put forward in order to get accepted by others as well. When we attain to a non-contradicting consciousness, it is difficult for us to oppose any philosophy or any code. Because there is an element of truth within that philosophy. We will see that. Once seen, we cannot judge it. Take anything, the complementary nature of all the codes is interdependent, and once such things are seen then it can never be criticized. That is not going to be criticized.

So ... so, we will be wondering if there is anything new to say. Nothing to say. Everything has been said by someone in a way or another. It has been said so far. It has been said somewhere, in some corner or other in this world. It is our call whether we should take it back and talk again. As I mentioned earlier - some truths will come out through someone. During each period in mankind, which is true. But I do not think there is anything we need to do to present it to the masses. Why does this happen? There is also an indication of its morality from what Sir has asked, so I say – I do not think there is anything immoral in it. All living things, including plants and animals, are all trying to multiple by reproduction. After all, they are the ones who are looking to copy their own caste everywhere. Attempts are being made to copy even inanimate objects, such as viruses. They are expanding everywhere, and they are also struggling to reach out everywhere. Therefore, organizing is an instinct. Increasing one's own race, one's own practices, one's own customs. There are so many different styles exists. That classification, an attempt to maintain that class, is on everyone's part. The same thing happens with spiritual masters. It is quite natural for them to say that what everyone else teaching is not right and that only what them said is right. It does not matter. The essence is they have not prevailed the nature. They all live subject to nature. They are trying to expand their empire by using their trade strategies by living in harmony with nature. It shows their obedience to the nature. Is this obedience done with will, do not know. Some will be so. What if such a decision is made? I do not know. So, when said there is already a plan, they decide, they decided to talk and to inspire people. That is all. By the way they decided on that one thing, a lot of things were understood before that. None of them can be avoided. It is not possible to speak in the state of being a Buddha. From that a mercy comes to speak out, that the rest must understand, and they want to go the way of the truth, hence the feelings like desire and compassion arises there. All these activities and all the strategies mentioned by Sir are thus being formulated. Anyway, I am very surprised and happy to know that a teacher who is so radical like him had such traits. One is not free from within. Nisargadatta Maharaj was probably not interested in accepting anyone. But people went there and gave publicity and started gathering people. The irony is, the one who got expelled earlier from there was the same who started this gathering. Because they are in a state of being mystical. The masterly nature occasionally comes out. Otherwise they stay like mist which is not interested in getting revealed. A master is a cut figure, which is easy to be measured. Because it is easy to measure, people will gather around easily. Because the picture is precise. What is the purpose, what is his speech, what is his method? Because of all this, we also have the facility to measure, individuals will rush into it.

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