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Subconscious minds & the enlightened ones

Questioner: Sir you have told that if a person goes into a depressed state at once, minds which are in connection with such a depression will be drawing him towards further depression. Hence my question is whether an enlightened being is going through the grief of all the minds relating to a particular grief when he experiences the grief?

Answer:-A very good question. There is a chance for outside attacks from other subconscious minds,only for one who is not conscious. Because there's a chance that the subconscious minds will be coming into contact with those who are in a similar frequency. We're transmitting using a particular frequency in wireless, another sound is going in a different frequency. Other wise these two will collide. If the police wireless is in a particular frequency, we won't allow anyone else to use that frequency. Thus separate bands are given for that. It's called as Citizen band. We call it as citizen band, CB Radio. The sound waves are going in particular frequencies. Like wise, when one enters into a particular mental state or mental depression, he is entering into a particular frequency. The reason for entering into a particular frequency is because, life has recorded life as a source of bliss. Life is blissful ,so far as the life is concerned, not the person. The person who is within this life is dividing life into pain and pleasure. But as far as life is concerned, there are only experiences. This is a topic which Nixon Sir has asked the previous day. We're again entering into that. It's coming through another angle now. Life is seen with totality. Life mixed up with pain and pleasure is seen as life positive. Life positive means one should be ready to accept pain and pleasure, that's the basic demand of life. When a person deviates from this, he becomes life negative. But temporarily we are rejecting the life which is present within this body, understand? Temporarily rejecting. It's equivalent to death. Not dying, but mentally going into another frequency. There are so many minds within this frequency. Several subconscious minds A chance for these subconscious minds to activate and enter. If it's a grief in not passing an examination, several minds who are in the same frequency get linked. Among them, it should be understood that there's a chance for a single mind to have an entry into us. Depending on our strength. This kind of a frequency change is not coming in the life of a Buddha. They are not seeing life as divided. The thing that is to be remembered is that when they enter into a grief, they are also experiencing the joy of that experience, that's what I had particularly told. There is no division there. There occurs a totality of experience. A totality of experience occurs there. They experience a pleasure along with the experience of a pain. They will experience a pain also when experiencing a pleasure. As there's no division, no frequency change happens. As there is no frequency changes, these subconscious minds can do nothing. That's what is called as their self confidence level. When we reach to that self confidence level, we will enter into such a frequency. We can also build up self confidence. If we raise our self confidence level, we won't be having any fears and we won't be having any grief. Only when fear comes, grief will come. If there is confidence then why fear? We have fallen. If we are able to get up and walk, then why fear. That's all. We will say that it's painful, then we get up and walk away. If it's raining, we will be waiting within a shed. If we are having an umbrella, we will use it Does anybody undergo grief by saying that I have drenched completely in rain,whether I will be destroyed by this? Sometimes people with unhealthy minds will be undergoing such sorts of griefs. Then confidence level goes low. If the confidence level is boosted, men will be thinking "oh what rain, let's stay away from it. " If man in his unconscious level also builds up self confidence while dealing with bigger griefs, then little by little the light of wisdom will come to us. Then our frequency won't be coming down. When that frequency is not coming down, and when we are not going into other frequencies, sub conscious level of attacks won't occur. That's the difference between the experience of grief of an enlightened being and an unconscious being. Understood?

Questioner:-Understood, clear.

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