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Viswapraana not baneful

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Viswapraana comes under consciousness and nature. Viswapraana is creating all the movements. Not only that, it's acting as a baneful force which makes karmas like thoughts to happen. This makes the life in nature very difficult. The reason for being unbearable is Viswapraana. It's because of its presence Answer:- It's a very important subject. Your question was interrupted. I heard up to this much that Viswapraana is a baneful force. What else have you told? I am saying the answer with as much as heard. There are three forms of praana-viswam,taijasam and praajnjam. It's the form of Praana named as Viswa is the one which makes men and all living beings functional during the awakened state. In dream state,Taijasam and in deep sleep,Prajnja. What is meant by the third state, praajnjam These three,among them the viswa praana initiates thinking What is meant by the third state, praajnjam We are asleep loosing our consciousness. In deep sleep. Then Praana named as Praajnjam will be doing all the works which are supposed to be carried out by us. Then is there any work for the Praajnjam in the awakened conscious state? Nothing. Hence viswa praana is doing the beautiful work of making one think and do all the activities. Because he has consciousness. It's the viswapraana itself which is making you say that it's baneful. It's because of the presence of viswapraana that you are able to make such an opinion, or to write it in a piece of paper. Hence nobody can ever say that it's a baneful force. It's that much essential. It's that much related to the essence. Viswam- The one which cannot be avoided. Thus although Praana takes the three forms as Viswam, Taijasam and Praajnjam during awakened, dream state and deep sleep States, Praana has many forms. Human beings are knowing about it only later. As the Viswa,Taijasa and Praajnja are much talked about, people may be knowing about them. They're saying something bad about it, that is all. In my opinion the word baneful is a biblical term. There is no such thing like that. Nothing like that Here we think the decay process as a good thing. If the food that we take as dinner is not being decayed, then we can't stay healthier the next day. Thus decay is inevitable. But if look from the view point of growth, decay is a bad thing. For those who are expecting good in everything, this may sometimes be considered as bad. There is no wonder in that. That's why it's called as baneful force. I don't understand how come the things like making one to think and act can become a bad thing. Anyway it's amazing. Viswa,Taijasa and Praajnja. There is a fourth one. Nobody is saying anything about it. Everybody knows that there's a 'Turiya' state, after the awakened, dream and deep sleep States. It's like this that one is knowing about the wellness of awakened state in deep sleep and knowing about be the wellness of deep sleep in an awakened state. I don't know why At that time there's another Praana named as Tadasthan. That's the state of Samadhi. This was the topic of discussion in the last Himalayan Rishi Sangam which took place at Trivandrum. Anyhow they don't know about this fourth Praana and they have not uttered a single word regarding the same. Thus talk was limited to only these three Praanas. Thus I came to know that the fourth one is not so famous. Again it's there... The one who is beyond the Turiya state has got another Praana. Praana is becoming more subtle and subtle. Initially Praana has got the microscopic subtle form in the beginning. That becomes grosser and grosser and at last becomes the Viswa praana. Thus we have to call the most grosser form of Praana as Viswam. Because it has come from the microscopic to the grosser level. Thus the Viswa praana is responsible for inspiring the activities of everything associated with nature in their awakened state. Viswa praana, Taijasam and Praajnjam, these three are the main ones which are being studied.

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