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Why are you not promoting your Guru's worship to visitors?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Q; Wherever we go we experience a kind of nauseating effort to promote the admiration of the guru of that ashram. We were wondering why you are not promoting or propagating your Guru’s worship to visitors. Is there any specific reasons behind it?

Krishnan Kartha: Yes there are specific reasons. First of all, my Guru has forbidden me from propagating his name and form, which are already being done by the mainstream organisations founded by him. In one of the personal audiences he granted me, he said this by narrating a story from Ramayana , our epic. In Ramayana, sage Viswamitra takes the children, Rama and Lakshmana along for protecting the yaga- sacrifice he is conducting.The sage knows that those children are extraordinary children, with spiritual powers. But on the way, he asks the children whether they feel hungry. Without waiting for the answer, he teaches them mantras for evading hunger. The mantras are named Bala & Athibala. My Guru asked me why the sage initiated the Rama and Lakshmana to the manthra. I replied that it was due to Maya or illusion. Then my Guru went on to say that when even a rajarishi like Viswamitra is affected by maya, how can one be free from it. So my instruction is that while imparting what you have learnt from me, do not propagate my name and form. All names and forms are one and the same. So here in our centre we do all our work without the agenda of propaganda. Second and the most perennial truth is my discovery of theory of differentiation in universe. The universe intends all of its particles to be essentially and peripherally distinct. Each unit has its own identical features. This law is weak in plants and animals but strong in man. In a plantation you may see identical plants. In a farm you may see identical cattle. But man is totally differentiated. You can also understand that those animals which move close to human beings also develop identity. What is the importance of differentiation? The consciousness has a positive polarity and differentiated nature has a negative polarity. When these two polarities meet , there is Ananda or the blissful energy which nurtures life. So in order to ensure continuity of nature’s existence, the universe insists on differentiation or diversity. Unless there is diversity or differentiation there will be no receptivity for the experience. This is primarily because, the consciousness has divided itself into diverse particles of the universe- minerals, plants, animals and man. That division must have a purpose.The division has to be maintained as such. The purpose is to receive the life sustaining energy in the universe by maintaining the negative polarity. When there is negative polarity due to the diverse particles of the universe, the positive polarity of the Consciousness joins it and there is life energy released. This is what you experience in assembly or gathering of persons in ceremonies, marriage functions, political meetings, religious gathering etc. When people with diversity assemble together ,the negative polarity becomes aggravated and the positive polarity of consciousness descends on it. Thus all those participate receive a certain amount of experience ,merriment or happiness … When you enter into a garden where diverse plants and flowers are planted , you feel energized. This may not be available in a plantation of same variety of plants or trees. The diversity of the flora is the reason for this. This generation of energy is essential for the sustenance of the universe. So I believe that the universe will eventually interfere with all our efforts to evade this diversification.As I said earlier, man is diverse in nature, looks etc and he is the only one to receive the consciousness fully. Upon shredding the shroud of unconsciousness he become fully aware of himself and wields potency with a cosmic identity. This is a gradual process. Some people call this enlightenment. This is achieved by man after a lengthy process which may even take ages. Step by step, the selfishness in him has to be fully removed before completion of this process. So in order to slow down the process, the nature, in turn, creates an illusion whereby man is prompted to break this diversity. He creates belief systems, ideologies, philosophies etc and divides people under such compartments. Even in smaller associations, he introduces uniforms in attire, unified thought patterns, unified style of living etc. Thus he destroys the diversity and loses receptivity. Gautama Buddha, before breathing his last, told that all composite things have their inherent decay. Likewise, all systems which forbid diversity would eventually disintegrate. So, objectively, there is no meaning in spreading the name and form of one’s guru. One can live according to those principles and be a living example. But subjectively, many disciples do that since believe that they have to defend their guru.

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